• Lilly

    Sometimes there is the need to look beyond the appearances to find

    a real treasure.

    This was the case of Lilly, that from

    a nagging and polemic “spinster”, became the patient “aunt” Lilly,

    the friend and the partner of the youngest guests and of all those

    who want to start an equestrian path.

  • Joy

    I still remember the first time I met Joy. This curious Paint horse came close, letting her soft nose to brush my hand.

    I told her: “You're beautiful”.

    A few days later I came back with Daniele and I saw her galloping

    and I said once again in a low voice “she's beautiful”.

    “Today more than yesterday”

    answered the man I married

    “because today she is yours”.

  • Tabata

    When we decided to get married,

    our friends knew already

    which present we would have liked.

    And so Tabata has arrived,

    a kid half Tibetan and half crazy that, since that time, became part

    of our - a bit unusual - family.

  • Yakima

    Good actions are always paid back

    and it was so also for Yakima.

    Far from being a beautiful horse

    when she joined the family,

    she became beautiful in a few time, becoming the inseparable partner

    of Daniele with whom she shared unforgettable moments.

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